Dear Members,

Transfer of Documents from C&I Group website

As you may know, before this website was created, LinC members (and previously the In-House Charity Lawyers Group members) could share useful documents by uploading them into a database on the Commerce and Industry Group website,  I am currently in the process of transferring some of those documents into LinC's knowledge base on this website.

I am focusing on documents dated 2012 or later, on the basis that even those that are partly out of date can still be a useful guide.  I may also transfer some that are undated or pre-2012 but which I think could still be helpful.

How to identify C&I Group documents drafted by your charity:

You can search the database on this website for any documents that I have transferred that were produced by your charity. 

- Click "Go" under the search box on the Home page on this website (without entering anything into the search box);

- Put your charity's name into the "search keywords" box;

- Tick the box marked “Phoca Download” in the “search only” list below it;

- Click the magnifying glass icon to start the search. 

Note that the transfer process will be ongoing for approximately the next two weeks.

What to do next?:

If you identify anything in the LinC knowledge base produced by your charity that you can replace with a more up-to-date version, or which you would simply like to be removed from the site, please:

- press on with uploading any more recent versions (each category now has a “know-how” and “precedent” sub-folder. Please use the “know-how” folder unless your document is clearly in precedent form);

- email me to let me know about anything you have added or would like me to take down.

Do contact me on the email address below with any queries. 

Many thanks.



Tamsin Priddle
Professional Support Lawyer for Lawyers in Charities 
| Russell-Cooke

Direct: +44 (0)20 8394 6410 | Fax: +44 (0)20 8394 6535 | Main: +44 (0)20 8789 9111 |
2 Putney Hill
| London | SW15 6AB

Dear Members,

I am in the process of making some changes to the document categories within the knowledge base.  Among other things, I have added "Know-how" and "Precedent" subdivisions  within each category.  At present the main knowledge base index suggests that there are no documents on the website.  This is not the case! All documents have, for the time being, been moved into the "Know-how" folder within the relevant category.  

I am also making some changes to some of the main category headings and moving documents around, which is an ongoing process.  If you can't find what you're looking for, please search the knowledge base using the search box on the home page of the website.

Thanks for your patience!

Tamsin Priddle (LinC's Professional Support Lawyer)

Anyone fancy going on the London Legal Walk this year? 


I thought it might be a nice idea to have a LinC team. We’d be raising funds to support charities that give free legal advice. 


When: Monday 16th May.  Registration between 5pm and 6.30pm at Carey Street.

What: 10km walk (generally, 2 – 3 hours). 

Where: There are two routes to choose from – Royal Parks or River.  Starts and ends near the Law Society.

More information at:


Let me know if you are interested ( and I'll register a team.




September Meeting Link

You may be aware that we had an excellent meeting at Mills and Reave in September and trailed live streaming for the first time.

As a happy coincidence, this live stream actually recorded so if you missed the meeting you can now see what went on by following the link to "Previous Events" in the "Events" menu.

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Or the direct link is here:

New Consutlation added: Simplifying Gift Aid - Donor Benefit Rules

Response Deadline: 12 May 2016


At Autumn Statement 2014 the government announced a review of the Gift Aid donor benefits rules, to consider whether the existing rules could be simplified. This consultation document, which invites stakeholders’ views on possible simplifications of the existing rules, is the next step of that review.

This document has been informed by discussions with a range of stakeholders and, particularly, the responses to the government’s call for evidence, which ran between July and October 2015.

LinC plan to put in a response to this consultation and would like all members to be involved in forming this response.


You can access all of the relevant information, a copy of the consultation, the questions and how to participate in the LinC response at: (you must log in to access this link)


Any questions, please post in the forum or contact

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