LinC has 4 main sub-groups. These groups meet on a regular basis to discuss the relevant topics of the day and maintain their own email list for members to ask questions without having to ask the whole group. You can join any sub-group by going into your profile and selecting the relevant group from the list (see this article on how to edit your profile).

Once you are a member of a sub-group you will automatically receive all emails for that group and you can send emails to the group email address. If you are not in a sub-group the system will block your email to the group email address to prevent spam.

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Data Protection

Procurement and Government Contracting

Museums and Galleries

Available information

If you are logged into the site, you can use the menu at the top of the page to view other information relating to each sub-group, including:

  • Meetings (past and future)
  • Relevant document
  • Email archive

How to Join

1. Log In first - Please log in using the form in the bottom right of this page

2. Click "Manage Lists" from either the top or bottom menus

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3. Select the sub-groups that you want to join

4. Save your profile