About LinC

LinC is a forum for in-house charity lawyers and has over 350 members from over 150 UK charities.

We hold regular meetings and talks, have an extensive knowledge bank of precedents and other know-how, and provide an email forum for raising questions and sharing knowledge.

We also have a number of special-interest sub-groups who meet and communicate regularly.

Please find out more by selecting the relevant tabs at the top of the page.

If you are not already a member and would like to join us, please click on “Join LinC” above. There is no limit on the number of individual members that may join from any one charity.

We help in-house lawyers working in the charity sector to communicate, network and share knowledge by offering:

  1. Members meetings and legal updates – we hold regular meetings for our members, both in person and online, including training and updates on topics of current interest.
  2. Mailing list – by emailing our various mailing lists, our members can connect with each other and ask questions or share experience and insights relating to any aspect of their work. Our members find that this has become a really essential tool, which has made LinC a very useful problem-solving network.   
  3. Community space – we provide a unique opportunity for in-house lawyers in the sector to get together socially and network with each other.
  4. Knowledge repository – our website also holds our database of documents, know-how and precedents, which are focussed on the charity sector and are provided by our members or external law firms. We are always looking to increase the number and use of the precedents that are available on the  our website.
  5. Sub-groups – we run special interest sub-groups, focussed on particular sectors or legal issues. These include for Fundraising; Data Protection; Small/Sole Legal Teams; Museums, Galleries & Theatres; and Heritage & Conservation.
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